So today is the 1st of January 2017. Already. I’m now going into the last semester of my undergraduate degree. Surely by now, I would have learned not to leave things to last minute….but nope! Im sitting here as usual, procrastinating my way through my uni career. But this is different. I’m avoiding my dissertation. Which is not good at all.

I find focusing on uni work difficult unless I am very close to the deadline, but I also get very anxious and nervous at the thought of leaving things to the last minute. Which in turn, makes me less productive. I then get a sudden burst of work, which is still very good, but I always feel I could have done better.

It’s now the 22nd June 2017….6 months from when I last wrote. Disorganised or what? My life has been up and down over recent months trying to maintain and grow a relationship, keep a job and also get through my final year of my undergraduate degree. As of now, all three can be ticked off the list. Still got a job. Finished my degree, with my best results of my whole uni career. Still in a relationship, that is wonderful.

I’ve got to say doing all of the above while also living with your significant other can be difficult, and was not without its challenges. But now, we are stronger, better and a lot more patient than we were before. I mean try having two dissertations in the same household at the same time, and DUE on the SAME DAY. Very stressful. But we did it.

On top of all this i have also been offered a place on a masters course for the coming January which is also very exciting. Saving starts now. Well I really should be asleep considering I start work in 5 hours, but Im alone tonight. Its hard being alone-especially when you are so used to having that person. Maybe I should just try! Anyway…talk soon.

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